Generally, the ISTE Conference begins on Sunday, with an affiliates meeting the preceding Saturday. We represented AIME. We had the opportunity to learn from the other affiliates (who are more commonly technology organizations, such as Indiana's ICE).

Susan Larson, who is in charge of affiliates, explained that ISTE is implementing a new dues structure, and will have two different levels. In addition we had several different round table discussions from which to select. Sessions included advocacy, awards, conferences, ISTE PD resources, legal issues, marketing, member benefits, publications, sponsorships, and more. There are currently 81 affiliates; 50 were present at the meeting.

There are many ways to stay connected with ISTE, including wikis, nings, twitter, and Second Life.

The concluding event is often a reception, complete with food, drink, a band, and the basket exchange. We created an Indiana basket that included "Hoosiers", popcorn, a Butler T-shirt, Speedway cards, a stuffed Garfield, a signed Phillip Gulley book, and several other Indiana items. In return we received a basket from Australia.

edublogger.con also happens on this particular Saturday. As these two events were located next to each other, we were able to attend both of them. edublogger resources can be found here I'm a bit disappointed that all of the notes are not linked. This event also included a smackdown. (A video of that is contained on the wiki page.)